Learning Technologies

Technology is a powerful enabler of teaching and learning. The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology works collaboratively with faculty members and instructional support units to provide effective and efficient technology tools to create an exceptional learning environment.

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Badges are a way of giving students something to earn as they learn course content.

Blackboard Outcomes Assessment

Blackboard Outcomes Assessment is a tool for gathering learning outcomes data on Connect courses.


Camtasia is a tool for creating multimedia screencasts.


Collaborative Learning Annotation System (CLAS) is a tool for recording, sharing, and reviewing videos with a class.


Clickers are wireless handheld devices that enable instructors to conduct in-class quizzes with instant results.


Connect is UBC's primary application for delivering course content online.


CoursEval is a tool for collecting student evaluations of teaching.


Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) is a tool that allows for peer review of writing assignments.


edX is a platform for delivering online course content that can also be used for massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Exam Prep Database

Exam Prep Database is a tool for sharing exam-related material to help students better prepare for exams.


FluidSurveys is a tool for creating privacy-compliant online surveys.

Form Builder

Form Builder is a tool for building custom printable assessments.

Instant Messaging

Blackboard Collaborate Instant Messaging is a tool for instant messaging between individuals or groups in a course.


iPeer is a tool for asking students to review each other using rubric-based peer evaluations.


Kaltura is a tool for streaming videos in Connect courses.


Lightboard is a tool for capturing lectures with an illuminated glass whiteboard to write on.


Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) is a tool for reserving material for courses.


MediaSite is a tool for capturing multimedia-rich presentations.


PeerWise is a tool for letting students quiz each other and review each other's questions.


Piazza is a tool for adding discussion forums to Connect courses.

Publisher Integrations

Publisher integrations are tools for integrating publisher material into Connect courses.

Respondus Quiz

Respondus Quiz is a tool for creating quizzes for online or in-class distribution.

Respondus Studymate

Respondus Studymate is a tool for creating animated games using course content.


Snagit is a tool for grabbing and customizing screenshots.


TeachEval is a tool for accessing and sharing student evaluations of teaching.


Turnitin is a tool for checking academic integrity that also allows for online grading and peer review of writing assignments.

UBC Blogs

UBC Blogs is a tool for communicating and collaborating through individual or group web spaces.

UBC iTunes

UBC iTunes is UBC's channel for distributing educational content on iTunes.

UBC Wiki

UBC Wiki is a tool for sharing content and encouraging written collaboration.

UBC YouTube

UBC YouTube is UBC's channel for streaming educational videos.


VideoScribe is a tool for creating educational animations.

Voice Authoring

Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring is a tool for recording and sharing audio files in Connect courses.

Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing is a tool for creating live, interactive online spaces.


Webwork is an online homework tool for assigning and testing math and science problems.