2 responses to “Course Profile: IHHS 411 – Violence across the Lifespan”

  1. Tamika Fatal

    I’m not exactly sure how this works but I’m interested in taking this course through distance learning. Im interested in finding out entrance qualifications and tuition fees. If you could please get back to me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  2. Michael Wong

    Hi Tamika,

    Thanks for your message, and your interest in IHHS 411. For entrance qualifications, please contact the distance education advisors at Enrolment Services at distance.education@ubc.ca or 604-822-9836.

    For tuition fees and other costs, you can refer to this webpage: https://ctlt.ubc.ca/distance-learning/new-to-distance-learning-at-ubc/online-registration-and-course-fees. On this page, click on the Student Services link, under the Fees section and you will be taken to the UBC Student Services website where it lists a break-down of per credit costs at UBC.

    You’ll also want to check out this webpage: https://ctlt.ubc.ca/distance-learning/new-to-distance-learning-at-ubc/admission-to-ubc for information about being admitted to UBC, if you are not a UBC student.


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