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2010 CSDP Cohort

Andre Ivanov, Professor and Head, Applied Science Email: Website: Area of Research: Assessing overall program quality and effectiveness in our electrical engineering curriculum and subsequent ability to develop and implement continuous improvement methodologies. Andrew Riseman, Associate Professor, Plant Breeding and Agroecology Email: Website: Tegan Adams, Research Assistant Email: Area of […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – Peter Wolf – 2008

2008 Peter Wolf is the Associate Director of Teaching Support Services at the University of Guelph, where he is well- known for his work in facilitating curriculum development. He was formally recognized for this work with the 2008 President’s Award for Innovative Leadership. In 2007, he co-edited the New Directions for Teaching and Learning publication, […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – Rachel Spronken-Smith – 2008

2008 Rachel initially trained as a geographer, graduating from the University of Otago with a B.Sc. (Hons) in 1987. She then worked as an agricultural meteorologist with the New Zealand Meteorological Service. After a couple of years Rachel moved to the University of British Columbia where she did a Ph.D. in Geography. Her research interest […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – Susan Shaw – 2010

2010 The Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISOTL) is excited to announce the visit of Susan Shaw Professor and Director of Women Studies and the Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Program at Oregon State University, as an Invited Scholar to share her work on diversity education with the UBC teaching and learning […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – Connie Schroeder – 2005

2005 Going Meta with SoTL:  Research-Based Frameworks as the Missing Link between SoTL and Institutional Initiatives. SoTL findings that unpack student learning risk being dismissed as separate bits of inquiry. The scope of their value is often seen as limited to the improvement of a specific course only. Hutchings and Shulman (1999) propose, “A scholarship […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – Torgny Roxa – 2008

2008 University teachers have strong ownership over what happens in the university classrooms and are often internally motivated. This seminar will deal with how these individuals can be influenced toward a more scholarly approach to teaching. The purpose of the presented perspective is to reach a state where teaching is continuously improved. A socio-cultural approach […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – John McKnight – 2008

2008 For nearly three decades, John McKnight has conducted research on social service delivery systems, health policy, community organizations, neighborhood policy, and institutional racism. He currently directs research projects focused on asset-based neighborhood development and methods of community building by incorporating marginalized people. McKnight has been associated with many of the Institute’s major research projects […]

Invited Scholars Seminars – Mary Taylor Huber – 2006

2006 The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching The pedagogical landscape of higher education is changing. Undergraduate teaching still involves a familiar mix of lectures, laboratories, and seminars. But around the world, faculty are redesigning courses and curricula to engage students in more active, collaborative, and community-based learning; exploring the best ways to make […]

Invites Scholars Seminars – Mick Healey – 2006

2006 Linking research and teaching is a contentious topic of international interest. The links may take many different forms and vary by the nature of the discipline and institution of higher education. The main aim of this seminar/workshop is to explore interactively the complexity and contested nature of the research-teaching nexus. It is argued that […]