ENGL 468A (3 cr): Children’s Literature


Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to the scholarly study of literature written for children.

The precursors of and influences on what we now consider children’s literature are numerous and date back centuries, ranging from scholastic dialogues, to hymnals and primers, to transcriptions from oral traditions of folklore, myth, legend, and romance. From John Newbery’s 18th century publishing revolution through to the Harry Potter phenomenon and beyond, children’s literature has been the focus of both fascination and controversy, and in recent decades it has increasingly earned academic attention. In this course, we will study a broad selection of texts produced over the last 150 years. We will approach them as cultural and literary productions, exploring their (sometimes) evolving generic features and audience assumptions, in terms of age, gender, content, and perceived boundaries. Students will be introduced to relevant theoretical material and encouraged to develop independent critical responses to the texts. Participation in online discussions as well as group activities is an integral component of this course.

English 468A is relevant to students enrolled in the English major and honours programmes, as well as prospective students of librarianship and education (although the focus is on the literary study of texts). It is also relevant as an elective for senior students in other programmes and faculties.

Students must have completed 6 credits of first-year English courses or the equivalent, and have achieved third-year standing to enroll in this course.

Students are not required to have any previous experience with the study of children’s literature.

Text List:

Please see the Textbook Order Form for the readings for this course: ENGL468A Textbook Order Form for September 2015.

For more information regarding the 99A section for Winter 2015, including discussion of approach, pace, and internet access requirements, please visit: http://www.english.ubc.ca/courses/winter2015/468a-99a.htm.

Course Requirements:

  • Short critical analysis #1 – 15%
  • Short critical analysis #2 – 20%
  • Term paper – 30%
  • Participation (online journal and discussion forums) – 10%
  • Final examination – 25%