FRST 231 (3 cr): Introduction to Biometrics

Course Description

Basic theories of probability and statistics. Sampling distribution, methods of estimation and hypothesis testing; goodness of fit and tests for independence; analysis of variance, regression and correlation.

Co-reqs: One of MATH 100, MATH 102, MATH 104, MATH 180, MATH 184, MATH 190.

Intended Student

  1. Students who need a good introductory applied statistics course with biological examples and who are unable to take the on-campus version of this course.
  2. Students in the various programs offered by the Faculties of Forestry and Land and Food Systems.
  3. (a) Students with a general interest in statistics; (b) Access Studies students improving addressing deficiencies in their academic backgrounds prior to professional registration; and (c) students in natural resource programs at other universities interested in completing a good, introductory applied statistics course.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1: Statistical Measures And Descriptions Of Data
  • Lesson 2: Probability
  • Lesson 3: Distribution Of Random Variables
  • Lesson 4: Discrete And Continuous Distributions
  • Lesson 5: Sampling Distributions
  • Lesson 6: Estimation Of Parameters
  • Lesson 7: Hypothesis Testing On Means And Proportions
  • Lesson 8: Tests Concerning Variances, Goodness-Of-Fit, And
  • Lesson 9: Analysis Of Variance
  • Lesson 10: Simple Linear Regression


There are five assignments to submit, one at the end of each even-numbered lesson. Check your course schedule for the dates that the assignments should reach your instructor. Assignments count for 40% of your final course mark.

Final Exam: In order to write the final examination, all assignments must be completed and submitted to the instructor for marking.


  • Kozak, A., R.A. Kozak, C.L. Staudhammer and S.B.Watts, Introductory Probability and Statistics: Applications for Forestry & the Natural Sciences, CAB International, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK, reprint 2012

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