JAPN 101 (3 cr): Beginning Japanese I

Course Overview

This course is designed to develop basic communicative competence in the speaking, listening, reading and writing of modern Japanese and to handle your needs adequately in various limited social situations. There will be emphasis on developing an awareness of the sociolinguistic characteristics of the Japanese language.

This course is a prerequisite for Japanese 102. Students who took a grade 12 Japanese language course in high school or any equivalent cannot take Japanese 101. It is recommended that students who took Japanese language courses in high school should contact their instructor. JAPN 101 students who did not take JAPN100 at UBC are required to submit a copy of their high school transcript record.

Summary of Course Goals

At the end of the course, you

  • can describe your plan
  • can briefly express your opinion, thoughts, reason
  • can express your preferences in forms beyond simple sentences
  • can exchange detailed information
  • can give reasons to support points of view
  • can give advice in various situations.

Note: It is a departmental policy that those who receive scores below 60 percent repeat the same course before moving on to a higher-level course, JAPN102 or 151.

Course Material

Textbook (required):

Genki 1 Textbook: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese. The Japan Times, 2nd edition. February 2011. ISBN:9784789014403

Purchase the textbook at the UBC Bookstore.

Note: The First Edition of the Genki textbook is not permitted.

JAPN101 Textbook Order Form

How to Proceed

  • Computer
  • Headset with Microphone
  • Access to a scanner

This 13 week course is divided into six lessons. At the beginning of each lesson, you will find a list of objectives. You will start with practicing new vocabulary and complete an online vocabulary quiz by the due date. Each Lesson involves about five to seven new grammar points, speaking, reading, writing and a lesson quiz. Grammar exercises will be provided and all exercises must be completed by the due date. You will not have access to the exercises and quizzes after the due date. You should expect to spend approximately 12 hours a week on this course. One oral interview test and 2.5 hour final examination will be given at the end of the term.