Current re-evaluation of Educational Leadership at UBC (2016)

Five years after the introduction of these changes and creation of the Professor of Teaching rank, it is worthwhile to take stock of our collective understanding of educational leadership and how it articulates with service contributions and teaching practice. The overall aim of this stock-taking is to provide additional clarity and support: to faculty candidates in the stream, their Heads and supporters who help bring forward cases for promotion and tenure, and colleagues who participate in the various departmental, Faculty and university committees that evaluate these cases.

CTLT has been part of an international project, funded by the Universitas21 global network of research universities, that examines ways different institutions recognize and reward faculty with teaching-focused roles. Starting from desk research in 2014-15 to evaluate policy documents and procedures across a range of U21 member institutions, the project has recently generated a framework for thinking about teaching excellence and educational leadership. The final phase of the project (during 2017) will seek to develop a college of trained, expert peer reviewers across U21 institutions for external review of teaching-focused promotion and tenure cases.

CTLT has adapted the framework for thinking about teaching and educational leadership developed within U21 project, and refined and validated it through a series of consultations with institutional leaders, faculty groups and individuals. The following section links to the template framework for documenting educational leadership. It provides guidance notes that can be used by faculty members to record and articulate evidence of impact as candidates prepare for promotion and tenure. The framework can also be used to support professional growth in teaching.

Further details of the U21 project is available on a separate site.