Annual Selection Process

Annual Process

The CTLT Faculty Associates Program launched  as a pilot in September 2016, with four faculty forming the initial cohort. Each year there are approximately four new Faculty Associates, and in any given year there are approximately eight total, since each cohort completes a two-year cycle.

At the start of each calendar year, CTLT will issue a call for applications for new Faculty Associates who will start in September. Successful candidates are offered to become CTLT Associates for a minimum of two years. CTLT will provide the Department with release funds for one 3-credit course buyout for each of the two years as an Associate.

As part of the application process, CTLT will consult with Heads of Departments or Associate Deans to discuss the projects interested faculty have proposed, as well as the arrangements needed to ensure the the faculty member can dedicate time to the project. Whilst we expect strong interest from those in the Instructor stream, any tenure-track or tenured faculty member is eligible.

CTLT, through its Professional Development programs and services, Curriculum Services and the Institute of Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (ISoTL), will provide support and training for enhancing evidence-based approaches to teaching practice, discipline-based educational research and scholarship.

In addition, CTLT will work with the Associate to develop a plan, project or series of activities (e.g. workshops) to address an identified departmental need, providing support, consultation and advice.

During their time as an Associate, the faculty member will be able to act as a bridge between faculty colleagues and the appropriate combination of locally- and centrally provided support and services, enabling faculty to more easily access the various elements of support they need.

In May of each year, the Associates cohort will share their projects as part of a teaching innovation symposium during the annual Celebrate Learning event.  Associates will also be encouraged to share their work throughout the academic year at CTLT-hosted workshops (e.g., SoTL events, New Faculty Orientations, CTLT Summer and Winter Institutes, etc.).

For more information about the CTLT Faculty Associates Program, contact Jeff Miller, Senior Associate Director, CTLT.