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Teaching and Learning Resources
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T & L Resources Portal
Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Resources Portal. You will find resources on a diverse range of teaching and learning topics, strategies, issues and tools.
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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Resources Portal. Here you will find resources to support your development both as a teacher and a learner. You will find pages containing an overview and bibliography on a diverse range of teaching and learning topics, strategies, issues and tools.

These resources are intended for anyone interested in teaching and learning, including ISW participants, facilitators, faculty, staff and students. Everyone is encouraged to add or edit pages.

Teaching and Learning Resources

UBC Specific Resources

Optional UBC Vancouver Course Syllabus Template

New Faculty Orientation Guide

Teaching and Learning Professional Development Programs

Departmental Teaching and Learning Centres

Departmental Teaching and Learning Contacts

Free Teaching and Learning Journals Licenses Available to UBC Employees and Students

UBC Education Library

Online Teaching Modules

Teaching Pathway

Resources are categorized in accordance to the TLPD Teaching Pathway.

Design for Understanding Teach for Learning Consider Your Learners Develop Your Teaching
Design Principles for Multimedia

Designing Courses

Distance Education Learning Resources

Learning Design

Open Access

Open Education

Teaching Learning Technology

Active Learning

Classroom Assessment Techniques (Teaching and Learning)

Signature Pedagogies

Student Peer Assessment (PDF)

Student Peer Assessment: Strategies for Success (PDF)

Student Peer Assessment Implementation Guide (PDF)

Teaching Squares (PDF)

Classroom Climate

Equity, Diversity, and Intercultural Understanding

Curriculum resources


Mid-course Feedback on Teaching

Small Group Instructional Feedback

Presentation Skills

Teaching Portfolio

Teaching and Learning Initiatives

Berger Inquiry

Digital Tattoo Curriculum

Open UBC: resources about open scholarship and what it means to teaching, learning, and research

e-Learning at UBC

Flexible Learning Initiative

Global Citizenship Project

UBC Mix Initiative

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Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW) are 24-hour intensive workshops designed for graduate students and faculty members who wish to develop new teaching skills, enhance existing techniques and/or try out challenging new ideas. Working with your peers and trained facilitators, you will review important concepts in group teaching situations, give 3 mini-lessons, and receive valuable feedback in a supportive atmosphere.

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