Ringing in the New Year with the New OLT Website

09-12-11-OLT-New-Site-CoverOut with the old and in with the new! Welcome to the new Office of Learning Technology website! What’s a better way to start the new year and the new term than to have something shiny and new. OLT has gone through a lot of changes and we needed a website to reflect that. We built something that incorporated the new UBC Common Look and Feel (CLF), and a more dynamic user-friendly experience. Below are the new features that we are very proud of:

Now you can play, pause, and browse through the four newest Spotlight articles through the Dynamic Feature Slider on our homepage. Read the latest articles discussing trends in e-learning, profiling students and instructors in distance learning, and covering the latest e-learning events on campus.

You can easily browse through all the courses we offer OLT through the new course catalogue. Learn more about specific courses. Find out when they are offered, and who is the instructor. There are more than 125 courses from 9 different faculties offered through OLT! There might be something that strikes your fancy. You can access the catalogue either on the homepage or under the Distance Learning tab.

Using the award-winning Section Widget, we now have a listing of all our events on our homepage sidebar. Find out about upcoming Learning Technology Institute (LTI) workshops, Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) lectures, or special events organized by OLT.

  • Projects and Services

OLT is recognized as a leader in e-learning at UBC and we work collaboratively with many units across campus, from faculties, to instructional support units. Many people still ask us though, “what does OLT do?” The new website has given us the opportunity to talk about the projects we are involved in and the services we provide. You can look through the Distance Learning, Community Learning, and Learning Tools sections to learn more about what OLT does.

Through Spotlight, we bring you the latest news in e-learning and distance learning at UBC. Now you can look for articles either by category or by tags. Want to read more about Accessibility? Just click on the word within the tag cloud on the Spotlight sidebar and it will bring you all the articles relating to accessibility. All our articles are now archived by date as well!

You can now download or read our publications online. Under our Publications section, we plan to make available all the print materials we give out to faculty, staff, and students. We currently have the 2009 Faculty e-Learning Resource Guide and the Distance Education Course Guide available.

Everyone at OLT worked hard in creating new content, taking new photos, discussing their  projects, and giving feedback on how to make the site better. Hear from our director, <michelle Lamberson, about the obvious and not so obvious changes to our site. We hope that you enjoy it and let us know if something is working or not. Any feedback is much appreciated. Happy New Year to you and goodluck with the new term!

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