Vision, Mission, Values and Statements

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology is dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning community at UBC. Learn about our commitment to the university and the ways we work through our vision, mission, values, and statements.


The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology is a transformative educational services partner to the UBC Community.


The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology advances scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, curriculum and educational technology practices within and across UBC’s diverse disciplinary and cultural contexts.


We are committed to reciprocal relationships developed through consultation to build strong learning communities.

We are responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and engage in initiatives with openness and a balanced approach.

We bring creativity, a passion for exploration and a forward-looking approach to our work. We try new things and learn from them. We lead by example. We consider the future.

We resolve to be responsible, transparent, and invite scrutiny. We acknowledge the contributions of others.

We practice equity and fairness by listening for understanding and supporting inclusivity. We show consideration and appreciation for those with whom we work.

We engage in and facilitate knowledge exchange in a spirit of generosity by sharing insights into pedagogies and technologies and providing a platform for discussion and research.


Open Access Statement

At the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, we create open and accessible educational resources, tools, and practices. When we co-create these with faculty, staff, students, and community partners, we encourage public sharing with an open license when agreed upon by all contributors.