A photo of a female graduate student with dark blonde hair wearing a grey sweater writing on post-it notes on a wall.

Graduate Students and TAs

At the CTLT, graduate student programming is centered on the internal Graduate Student Program and support for departmental TA Training Programs. The internal program includes workshops, seminars, certificate courses and personalized coaching on various topics, such as the Instructional Skills Workshop for Graduate Students and the Certificate Program in Advanced Teaching and Learning. We also help departments develop and maintain TA Training Programs, offering consultation on TA Training Fund proposals and facilitating specialized teaching sessions.


Instructional Skills Workshops for Grad Students

Our three-day ISWs are 24-hour professional development sessions designed for graduate students interested in developing and enhancing their instructional skills.

TAR Graduate Stipend Award

Eligible graduate students can apply for our competitive CIRTL TAR Graduate Stipend Award.

Graduate Formative Peer Review of Teaching Program

Peer review of teaching is a form of evaluation designed to provide feedback to instructors about their teaching.