The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology offers a variety of programs that are open to all members of the UBC community. While some have specific audiences in mind, there are a diverse range of events such as workshops, sessions, networking events, and speakers series for faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, teaching assistants, heads, and directors.

CTLT also supports Communities of Practice (CoP) that help expand your networking and learning opportunities at UBC. Based around teaching and learning topics and goals, CoPs follow a community development centred approach where CTLT helps them identify and meet their goals and priorities.

Informing the learning paths of each program and communities of practice are the following instructional topics:

  • Indigenous Initiatives
  • Equity and diversity
  • Teaching and learning practice
  • Reflective practice
  • Assessment of learning
  • Evaluation and research
  • Sustainability
  • Teaching and learning with technology
  • Student engagement and success

All Our Programs

CTLT’s programs are offered for faculty, graduate students, teaching assistants, undergraduate students, staff, heads, and directors.
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Faculty Programs

CTLT offers an ongoing development program for faculty members at different stages in their careers.
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Graduate Students & TA Programs

There are three main areas of graduate student programming currently offered through CTLT.
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Staff Programs

UBC staff in a diversity of roles will find learning opportunities in CTLT’s programs.
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Indigenous Initiatives

Our primary focus is to support the development of a higher standard of professionalism when conducting discussions on Aboriginal and other contentious social issues.
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Communities of Practice

A CTLT community of practice allows people to share knowledge, expertise, scholarship, ideas, and suggestions, both face-to-face and electronically.
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Teaching Pathway

The Teaching Pathway provides access to the CTLT’s professional development tools for UBC’s teaching and learning community.
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