Academic Program Design and Renewal

A well-designed academic program includes a logical structure with courses aligned to program learning outcomes and results in high levels of student learning and engagement. To adapt to evolving disciplinary and societal changes, academic units should regularly review and renew programs. We offer support for both developing new programs (degrees, majors, minors, certificates, streams) as well as reviewing and renewing existing ones.

What can our team of experts do for you?

Working closely with your department, our Academic Program Design and Renewal team offers customized support for:

  • New program development
  • Program renewal
  • Developing a program/unit identity, mission and/or vision
  • Curriculum retreats or dialogues
  • Consulting with key constituents (e.g. students, faculty, employers, etc.)
  • Developing program outcome statements
  • Curriculum mapping and program visualizations
  • Aligning courses with program goals
  • Identifying and building connections across courses
  • Incorporating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at a program level
  • Program evaluation and/or continuous quality improvement

How do we work?

Our approach is embedded with three cornerstone beliefs:

  • Program renewal cannot follow a prescribed approach. It must be iterative, ongoing, and flexible to the needs of the program and the individuals supporting it;
  • Decisions about program renewal should be evidence-based; and
  • The overarching goal of program renewal is to improve student experience and learning.

Our support is available without charge for all academic programs at UBCV.

Contact us!

We often work with those who have responsibilities at the program level: Curriculum Chairs, Undergrad Chairs, Graduate Chairs, Department Heads, Program Directors etc. However, all faculty and program support staff are welcome to email us to discuss how we can support your program.