Invited Scholars Seminars – Allyson Hadwin – 2006

June 2006

Dr. Allyson Hadwin is currently an assistant professor at the University of Victoria and the Learning and Teaching Scholar (2005-2006) at the Learning and Teaching Centre. Her research focuses on the social aspects of self-regulated learning, as well as the ways technologies can support self, shared-regulation and co-regulation. Dr. Hadwin uses multiple methodologies to explore the dynamic and social nature of self-regulation as it evolves over time and through interaction with others.

Current research projects explore: (a) tools and methods for researching and supporting computer supported collaboration as groups traverse self-regulatory cycles (task understanding, goal setting and planning, enacting strategies, and metacognitively evaluating and adapting progress), (b) ways to ground computer supported study skills instruction in self-regulatory models, (c) dynamic prompts and supports for supporting self-regulated learning, (d) the social construction of task understanding in the classroom, and e) the role of goal setting and self-regulated learning in the context of complex and novel tasks.

Download Allyson Hadwin’s presentation (PPT).

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