Call for Proposals: Festival of Learning 2018 Higher Education: Handle with Care

What does “care” look like in learning and teaching today?

The topic of health in education is coming up more and more often. We see articles and news items regarding the health of students, faculty, campuses, and institutions. It is showing up in aspects of our personal and professional lives. In this time of awareness, we have an opportunity to reflect on our practices; how do we care for ourselves, our students, and each other? In the face of competing priorities, how do we take care of our values, principles, and purpose? How does care manifest – or fail to manifest – in our practices, policies, structures, spaces, technologies and pedagogies? How could we be better caretakers and caregivers in the context of post-secondary education and in service of student learning?

The program committee of the Festival of Learning 2018 is comprised of members from institutions and roles across BC post-secondary education; in the spirit of inclusivity BCcampus is seeking proposals from all areas of teaching and learning. They invite session proposals that consider the ideas of “health” and/or “care” in higher education today.

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