Recommendations for Faculty

Participants were asked to describe one factor that had improved their teaching. These recommendations were informed by these responses.

Recommendation #1 Whenever possible, discuss your teaching practices with colleagues and seek (or be) a mentor.

My teaching has improved because I meet informally with other educators and talk about approaches to learning and how to improve communication in the classroom.

Recommendation #2 Seek, review and act on feedback from students.

I value the student feedback that I get through the university course evaluations. I have made changes to my teaching style based on the feedback.

Recommendation #3 Seek professional development for teaching practice.

Continuing education on how learning works combined with soliciting feedback from learners and peers.

Recommendation #4 Practice!

Trial and error. There is no substitute for hard won experience.

Recommendation #5 Use technology.

New media and technology enhancements has improved my teaching and has opened up new teaching opportunities.