Recommendations for UBC, Faculties and Departments

Participants were asked what changes could be made at UBC to help them teach more effectively. These recommendations were informed by these responses.

Recommendation #1 Consider smaller class sizes.

The increasing class size is… prohibitive to maintaining the high standards of teaching I expect of myself. UBC should address class size!

Recommendation #2 Develop a culture that values effective teaching as much as research.

A culture change that appreciates the REAL value of the teaching mission of the university.

Recommendation #3 Provide more support and resources for teaching, including TAs.

Better access to resources. Currently, I’m expected to pay for any class materials I use – including photocopying. Better access to technology resources.

More TAs – this simple thing would substantially help with our growing programs.

Recommendation #4 More time to devote to teaching (less competing demands).

Free up some of my time so that I can devote more of it to teaching. I see a trend to reduce administrative support and require faculty to spend more and more time doing bureaucratic/administrative work that before was done by admin support. Reversing this trend is crucial to allow faculty to devote more effort to high quality teaching.

Recommendation #5 Update technology in classrooms, and consider options that allow for more flexibility in teaching practices.

More classrooms appropriate for team based learning.

Updated classrooms – still in chalkboard rooms teaching! Wider availability of technology teaching tools from which to choose and easily access