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  1. kathy odonnell

    I am the chair of the Disability Resource Network (DRN) Conference Planning Committee, and am looking for conference workshop presenters. The theme of our annual conference is “ Mission Possible: Syncing New Technology with Current Practices” . I am specifically looking for a workshop on the topic of Facebook, social networking, internet safety—implications for use in the classroom—pros and cons—pitfalls, etc.

    This conference is geared towards post secondary educators of students with disabilities. It will be held May 30, 31, at the Vancouver Museum.

    More info on the conference is at http://www.drnbc.org

    I was intrigued by some of the comments you expressed on this site.

    Many thanks,


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  4. christia roberts

    Facebook is not an appropriate technology tool for the classroom. It is facile and easily abused. We have choices with our uses of technology. One can learn and lead a professional life without it. My son, for example, is a software engineer who currently leads the technology team in a private company. Neither he nor I has need of Facebook. Nor do children.

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  13. Ravencrest Publishing Inc

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