2 responses to “Flexibility Abound: One Biotechnology Students’ Experience with Distance Education”

  1. Sebastian Arboleda


    My name is Sebastian Arboleda, and I am a UBC alumnus of the Engineering Physics program.

    I took PHIL 435 a while ago, and I would like to take this course again, even though I do not need it as a prerequisite for any other courses! I am finding that the material is very relevant to the work experiences I’ve had over the years, and would like to take this course again if possible.

    However, I am concerned that DE will not be offering a section of this course for distance learning just yet. Could you let me know if there are any options for me to take this course from abroad over the next Winter session?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,

    Sebastian Arboleda

  2. Michael Wong

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for your interest in the course. Unfortunately, as of right now, PHIL 435 is not scheduled for the Winter 2015 session. You can check the course outline, prior to the start of each term, to see if the course will be offered. Hopefully you’ll be able to take it the next time it is offered.


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