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  1. UBC offering four MOOCs this year

    […] This is an interesting, detailed ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at how the University of British Columbia plans to be offering four MOOCs through Coursera this year […]

  2. John M Beeching

    MOOCS is new to me. I just heard about it on CBC news tonight.

    Is there a course on “Mind”? Not Brain it of course can be in the corse but the focus would be Mind. What is MInd? Is it material? Is the brain simply a host? Does mind simply vanish after death if it is not material.

    I am 91 years of age with many of its problems. By preferred communication is by E-mail.

  3. John M Beeching

    It would be nice to know if the moderation was positive or negative. mY email is
    I am 91 years old and unable to use the phone. 2 problems I wear two hearing aids and have symptoms not unlike show term memory loss undiagnosed at present.

  4. Michael Wong

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, UBC does not currently have a MOOC on “Mind.” There are a few Psychology courses that are offered via distance, however, the focus might be more on the brain and cognitive behaviours, rather than the mind. Here’s a link to the course listings: https://ctlt.ubc.ca/distance-learning/courses/psyc.

    – Michael

  5. John M Beeching

    Thanks for the reply Michael, much appreciated. Actually the subject is vast. And full of questions rather than answers. However it is my belief that mind and body are concomitantly connected. If the medical profession used it more and developed with its use treatment plans that make use of minds the general public would be the ones who benefit.

    If I may bend your ear with a fairly short story from my experience of attending a meeting many years ago. Dr Hanley used hypnotism sometimes. He was walking along a corridor at VGH. A boy who had a hand that had been severely cut by an ax was having a bad time in the op room. The saw Dr Hanley and called him in. They informed him that the bows arm was numb from freezing but every time they toughed him to repair the cut he started screaming. Dr Hanley got them to turn on the TV started talking to the boy and asking such questions as do you like cartoons? The getting them on the TV. A nod to the operators and they sewed him up and bandaged without any fuss and the boy was surprised it had been done. Dr Hanley told us Hypnotism is simply focusing the mind.
    Again Thanks

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