One response to “5 High Impact Teaching Practices”

  1. German Campos

    Hello UBC.
    Allow me to share with you some anecdotes using Dr. Fink´s significant learning experiences.
    I´m a teacher from engineering college at El Bosque University (Bogota-Colombia), and we have had several meetings here with Dr. Fink and its educational model during the past 6 years. Results may vary but a main conclusion has been reached: future engineers (in my case) do need to explore and live all 6 dimensions of Fink´s taxonomy. An engineer would be a all-time student but not to forget he/she lives in a society which needs him/her to increase life quality… way more than numbers and math… caring and human dimension is important as well as foundation knowledge and application… this model have reached us a high-quality standard in our country as an engineer program and as a University, and local -and foreign- employers have seen the difference about our own educational model and our student´s preparation.

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