Instructors share innovations in teaching at UBC’s Tech Showcase

On December 7, the Learning Technology Hub’s Teaching with Technology Showcase brought together nearly 200 faculty and staff members for hands-on demonstrations of innovative uses of technology in education. Instructors from across campus shared nearly thirty projects, achievements, and ideas about how technology can be used to enrich learning and teaching at UBC.

The event provided an opportunity for the UBC community to learn from one another and to connect with their technology-minded colleagues. UBC Provost and Vice-President Academic Andrew Szeri spoke at the event, touching on the inventiveness of the presenters’ work and UBC’s tradition of experimentation and innovation in teaching.

If you missed this year’s Teaching with Technology Showcase, the Learning Technology Hub is delighted to announce that we’re planning to hold another event during Celebrate Learning Week 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

See photos from the event.

Faculty presentations

Accessible Power Point and Microsoft Word documents: Dr. Christina Hendricks (Faculty of Arts)

Advanced Lightboard Applications: Dr. Matthew Yedlin (Faculty of Applied Science)

Alchemy: A homegrown tool that encourages critical thinking and decision making: Dr. Russ Algar (Faculty of Science)

Blended practice approach using case studies and a geo-aware walking tour app: Dr. Siobhán McPhee (Faculty of Arts)

Canvas Shorts: Dr. Suzie Lavallee (Faculty of Forestry)

Canvas Templates: Dr. Liane Chen (Faculty of Science)

CATME (Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness): Susan Hollingshead (Faculty of Science)

CLAS, Enunciate, and Linguistics Pre-Training Multimedia: Dr. Strang Burton (Faculty of Arts)

COMM 101 initiatives: Elicia Salzberg (Sauder School of Business)

ComPAIR: Dr. Tiffany Potter and Dr. Andrew Owen (Faculty of Arts); Dr. James Charbonneau (Faculty of Science)

Connected learning in three recent Faculty of Education projects: Sharon Hu (Faculty of Education)

eChIRP, an online textbook replacement that integrates text with interactive models, videos, and practice problems: Dr. Kayli Johnson (Faculty of Science)

E-portfolios in the context of visual arts: Christine D’Onofrio (Faculty of Arts), Dr. Fred Cutler (Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology), Dr. Letitia Henville (Faculty of Arts), and Julie Walchi (Arts Co-op)

Experiential Data Science for Undergraduate Cross-disciplinary Education (EDUCE): Dr. Kim Dill-McFarland (Faculty of Science)

Innovative use of GitHub for teaching and learning: Dr. Mike Gelbart (Faculty of Science)

Jupyter Notebook: Dr. Patrick Walls (Faculty of Science)

Lessons learned from the implementation of Flex COMM493 (Strategic Management in Business) in the Sauder School of Business: Adam Pankratz (Sauder School of Business)

Online resource for language instructors with multimedia tutorials on how to facilitate blended and collaborative learning: Dr. Florian Gassner (Faculty of Arts)

Open ChemE: Increasing authentic student learning through open educational resources: Dr. Jonathan Verrett (Faculty of Applied Science)

Richview, a document annotation system that enables rich communication: Dr. Dongwook Yoon (Faculty of Science)

StatSpace: A platform for sharing and evaluating introductory statistics teaching resources: Melissa Lee (Faculty of Science)

Student engagement in authentic instruction and assessment (Learning Analytics): Dr. Glenda Mason and Dr. Joseph Anthony (Faculty of Medicine)

Telecollaboration project in SPAN101: Dr. Samuel A. Navarro (Faculty of Arts)

The use of open educational resources in the Faculty of Forestry: Dr. Guangyu Wang and Michelle Zeng (Faculty of Forestry)

Toy models that show atoms in motion used to teach Materials in Mechanical Engineering: Dr. Mattia Bacca (Faculty of Applied Science)

Using Sagemath to make COMM371 Investment Theory more interactive and accessible to students: Dr. Markus Baldauf (Sauder School of Business)

Videx: A prototype for learning that incorporates interface elements for reading, bookmarking and tagging, visual cueing, organizing, rearranging and peer-sourcing video content: Dr. Sid Fels and Matt Fong (Faculty of Applied Science)

Staff and vendor presentations

Canvas: Mindy Hintze (Director of Product Engagement, Canvas)

Learning Analytics: Craig Thompson (Learning Technology Hub)

Learning Technology Hub: Florence Kam and Tim Kato (Learning Technology Hub)

Learning Technology Rovers’ perspectives on learning technology: Jarod Ben-Oliel, Jonathan Chan, Vanessa Chan, Daniel Li, Felicia Tjeng, Caitlin Young, and Alan Zhang

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