3 responses to “New Introductory Japanese Course Offered via Distance Education”

  1. Paul Janoff

    I am interested in taking the Beginning Japanese course in January. I am a lawyer with the U.S. Coast Guard in San Francisco. What do I need to do to enroll?

  2. Michael Wong

    Hi Paul,

    JAPN 101 is being offered in January 2013, and is a continuation of JAPN 100, which is currently running September – December 2012. For more information about enrolling into the course, you’ll want to consult the Admission to UBC page on our website. You might also want to look at the New to Distance Learning at UBC page.


  3. Ken

    I am interesting in taking Beginning Japanese. I am a Forensics Investigator and Security Analyst. And I am quarter Japanese and Chinese mixed.

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