Celebration of Teaching Excellence at UBC – Erin Lindenberg

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Dr. Erin Lindenberg

CHEM 121/CHEM 123

Clicker Question

How was the midterm?


Why did you choose this slide?

Learning chemistry is difficult at the best of times. In a large first-year lecture hall, students can feel like they are the only ones struggling. I use this slide after midterms to create a space for students to talk with each other. Rather than asking for brave volunteers to share their reactions with 200 of their peers, this slide encourages all 200 students to react and engage. Every time I advance to this slide, students cannot help but start talking to their neighbour. The lecture hall roars for a few minutes in animated conversations. Sharing the poll results with students reinforces that no matter which answers a student picked, they are never the only student who feels that way. I wanted to highlight this slide because it shows how I try to create an engaging atmosphere in a 200-person lecture hall.

What are you aiming to convey with it?

There’s a saying that goes something like, “Students don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” This slide signals to students that it is okay to talk with me, and each other, about how they are feeling.

It is an open and honest acknowledgement that we are all dealing with more than “the course.”

How do you think it contributes to student learning?

I think this slide helps to create cohesive moments for students to connect. Sometimes students need to hear about the struggles (or victories) of their peers. It is an informal way for students to share study strategies and prompt them to reflect on what they might want to do differently.

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