Apply to the Students as Partners Fund

Apply to the Students as Partners Fund

Have an idea for a course redesign project? Encouraging collaboration between faculty and undergraduate students, the Students as Partners Fund supports faculty-student partnerships to redesign undergraduate courses at UBC Vancouver.

The Inclusive Syllabus

The Inclusive Syllabus

In the January edition of Edubytes, our guest editors Judy Chan, Hailan Chen, John Cheng, Will Engle, Sue Hampton, Isabeau Iqbal and Bosung Kim discuss the inclusive syllabus.

Max Collier

Maxime provides technical advice and support in the use, configuration and selection of software, hardware and network systems and various end user devices. Works with academic, technical, instructional and user support personnel from academic, administrative and technical units to implement effective and sustainable learning environments and to advise and support instructors in the effective use […]

Letitia Englund

Letitia is a UX/UI Analyst specializing in the user-facing side of learning applications. She provides user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) guidance to improve online teaching and learning experiences for instructors and students in a variety of CTLT-supported tools. Letitia also enjoys running, hiking with her duck toller dog, and making stuffed animals from […]

Ellie Gangel


Tue Hoang


John Hsu

John codes, tests, deploys, and/or troubleshoots various CTLT hosted applications. He’s worked on ComPAIR, iPeer, Webwork, etc. He is currently focusing on Learning Technology Interoperability (LTI) specification related projects.  

Edwin Hui

Under the direction of Course Operations, Edwin provides technical, instructional, and course maintenance support for fully online and blended courses across different faculties and disciplines. Supporting instructors in the online learning environment on various platforms including Connect, Blogs, Edge, WordPress  and Canvas, the new learning environment. In addition, he provides learners with technical and exam […]

Kalev Hunt

Kalev coordinates various learning technology pilots, manages the Learning Technology Rover program centrally, and oversees a small team of support specialists who provide top-tier LT support as part of the LT Hub. He works closely with colleagues at UBC IT on the LT Hub initiative and to help manage the UBC learning eco-system.  

Sung Hwang