Consultations: Unit, Course, Individual

Consult with one of our team members to help you identify needs and solutions to meet your individual, departmental or faculty goals.


We invite you to consult with one or more of our team members. Consultations can be a single session or the beginning of a process designed to help you achieve a specific goal related to teaching and learning. We can work with you to:

    • Design a process for facilitating a discussion or meeting around a teaching or learning issue
    • Design an online learning resource
    • Map out a course/curriculum redesign project
    • Implement a new technology in your teaching
    • Identify resources to address a particular teaching challenge
    • Set up a community of practice or learning community

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Our involvement in the consultation process varies depending on your own needs and our resources. We can work with you to:

      • Identify your teaching and learning goals
      • Assess the project’s alignment with our mandate and strategic priorities
      • Determine resourcing needs (e.g. staff time, funding)
      • Determine the scope of project deliverables and timelines
      • Design and develop strategies and solutions
      • Design post-project assessment

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