Course Development & Delivery

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology supports the development of courses and programs that use distance and blended delivery modes. We partner with academic units to identify appropriate courses and develop high quality learning experiences for students and support faculty in developing distance teaching skills.

CTLT provides academic departments with instructional design, project management, media design and production, and technical support in the context of fully online, distance, and blended learning environments.

Courses are developed using a project management approach with small design teams collaborating on the planning, design, and development of course materials. All CTLT projects go through an approval process to ensure that course projects meet faculty and department priorities. The overall scope and needs of a project are determined in advance so as to manage the time and resources required to successfully complete each project.

Course Development Projects

Projects developed with support from CTLT typically share these characteristics:

  1. The project fits the strategic priorities of the academic department, faculty, and the university, as set out in the Academic Plan.
  2. The project is designed so that students who are unable or who choose not to attend regular campus classes will be able to complete the course. Courses and programs can be used by on-campus students in a blended delivery version of the course.
  3. The project will serve the needs of a large number of students.
  4. The project enables students to take a whole program at a distance, or to complete an existing distance education program.
  5. The project uses new teaching approaches and new technologies.
  6. The project demonstrates cost-effectiveness in terms of cost per FTE or completing student.
  7. The project offers a course or program where UBC has unique or internationally outstanding subject matter specialists.
  8. The project is collaborative and interdisciplinary so that the course or program can be developed and shared with other departments and organizations.
  9. The Academic department is willing to offer the course for 5 years.

Contact Information

For further information about distance and blended course development through CTLT, please contact CTLT Curriculum Support