Celebration of Teaching Excellence at UBC – Karen Ragoonaden

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Dr. Karen Ragoonaden

Okanagan School of Education
EDUC 438

Education for the Whole Person

Who’s zooming who?

community of scholar-practitioners


Why did you choose this slide?

The infographic represents the shared values of the OSE, developing identities as scholar-practitioners, researching and teaching for diversity, equity, inclusivity, freedom, and innovation, drawing upon research-based perspectives and practices.

What are you aiming to convey with it?

An important component of my pedagogy is finding ways to support and nurture individual/collective wellbeing and mental health. A sense of humour is key, especially now, as we head into remote teaching and learning. I have picked up on Aretha Franklin’s 1985, Who’s zooming who?

How do you think it contributes to student learning?

I usually start my classes with this PowerPoint slide from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, or with a video clip from Mabel and Olive. It sets the tone for learning, easing some of the tension and setting the context for engaged learning.

Photo credit: Adwait Aphale / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019; Andrey Giljov / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Barcroft Media

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