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Dr. Wendy Carr

Faculty of Education, Teach Mental Health

A free, online module resource for educators

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Mental illness most often begins in adolescence; yet the people who work with teenagers on a daily basis are often unprepared to recognize and understand mental illness. Teacher education programs rarely address mental health literacy, resulting in teacher graduates who are at a disadvantage when they enter the workforce. Teach Mental Health was developed to address this need based on the results of a national scoping exercise and input from more than 30 educational institutions and organizations across Canada.

Why did you choose this slide?

This is one of two MOOCs created to develop mental health literacy in educators at the pre-service and in-service level: “Learn” provides foundational content; “Teach” enables educators to teach others.

What are you aiming to convey with it?

With one in 5 youth worldwide experiencing a mental illness before they turn 25, educators can play a vital role in addressing this challenge if they have the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills.

How do you think it contributes to student learning?

These MOOCs provide asynchronous learning opportunities and resources that support educators (or anyone who wishes to increase their mental health literacy) in having a positive influence on their students’ and others’ mental health.

View Dr. Wendy Carr’s one-minute presentation on their teaching practice.