Celebration of Teaching Excellence at UBC – Ramon Lawrence

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Dr. Ramon Lawrence

Computer science (UBCO), Master of Data Science

The Essence of the Course

The overall goal is to:

Master data analytical skills, tools, and techniques desired by employers to obtain employment

The most exciting aspect of data analytics is discovering and presenting useful information that impacts society. You must invest time building these skills to get jobs.

My purpose is to encourage and support your learning so that you will be successful. I will foster a positive learning environment with quality materials, availability to help, and strive for all students to achieve their goals.


Why did you choose this slide?

The “essence of the course” slide is the very first slide in almost every course that I teach. The key goal for an instructor is to motivate and encourage student learning. Students want to know why they are learning the material and what is important in the course. It is best to address this immediately. There are lots of other course content materials that demonstrate interesting learning activities. However, the most important factor in learning is getting students to believe that this material is important to THEM, and they should be engaged.

What are you aiming to convey with it?

The slide conveys the importance of the course and answers why students should care about the material. At the same time, the goal is to emphasize the instructor’s role in supporting students through this process. If done authentically, students will understand that you care about them and their success. They are not just a number.

How do you think it contributes to student learning?

Students who are motivated are more successful learners. Building a positive environment in the first class is critical and improves all other learning moments following. Building a relationship and connection with the students is critical and will help engage them to do their best.

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