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Eric Lee

As part of the Course Operations team, Eric provides technical, instructional, and course maintenance support for distance education courses across different faculties and disciplines. He began working with learning technologies as an undergraduate co-op student and now supports the broader UBC community in the effective use, configuration and maintenance of various learning technology platforms.  

Justin Lee

Justin works on the Learning Analytics team developing various web applications to improve teaching and learning, as well as running the Learning Analytics hackathons. He enjoys working with various technologies, especially NodeJS and React.  

Pan Luo

Pan supports CoursEval and WeBWorK and serves as internal IT support at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. He also develops application plug-ins for system integration and web applications. Pan is interested in exploring and utilizing new technologies in learning environments.  

Scott McMillan

Scott currently works on administering, integrating and piloting open source learning technologies within UBC’s learning eco-system. He has a particular focus on standards based learning analytics solutions using xAPI / Caliper, and works on the CTLT Learning Record Store. With over 15 years working with Open Source technology he is pretty sold on the concept. […]

Novak Rogic

Novak Rogic is the Web Strategist, leading the web projects that emphasize content sharing and republishing. He would love to show you how functional your website could be and firmly believes that “less is more”.  

Richard Tape

Richard develops WordPress plugins and themes to help people share and publish content across the University. He is a WordPress core contributor who fully embraces the open-source nature of the platform and believes it can provide a solid foundation for developing new and innovative teaching and learning systems.  

Craig Thompson


Susan Wong

Susan collaborates with central support units to develop, maintain and improve operational processes. She manages the day to day administrative course maintenance activities for fully online credit courses including academic session planning to ensure smooth operations and with a focus on the student experience.  

Kelvin Xu

Kelvin is a full stack developer who specializes in WordPress development. He helps maintain UBC CMS and UBC Blogs. He develops WordPress plugins to help teaching and learning for faculties and departments.