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Looking back at UBC’s 9th Learning Analytics Hackathon

This year’s hackathon gathered 100 UBC students to create, design, and explore data-driven solutions for enhancing teaching and learning at UBC.

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Empowering Language Learners: Technology’s Role in Celebrating Arabic Dialects

In this story, one instructor shares how she used technology to amplify spoken Arabic dialects, preserve immigrant stories, and empower her students in the process.

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Building trust: How UBC’s Students as Partners initiative improved the Middle East Studies’ undergraduate learning experience

Learn how UBC’s Students as Partners initiative helped improve students’ input by involving them in the design, delivery and assessment of a course.

UBC 8th Learning Analytics Hackathon – Untapping Canvas potential

This one-day event gave 100 UBC students a chance to showcase their learning analytics project and data skills, and to optimize the teaching and learning experience on Canvas.

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Redesigning the Bachelor of Media Studies experience

Dr. Richard Arias-Hernandez and Christine D’Onofrio share how their team transformed the upcoming Bachelor of Media Studies’ curriculum to create a more unified learning experience for students.

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Learning a foreign language with a little help from the local community

In this story, learn how the Department of Asian Studies leveraged the local community to create a positive and interactive learning environment of Chinese language and culture that brings students, instructors and communities together.

Indigenous Initiatives Design Series: Decolonizing Teaching and Learning in STEM

Indigenous Initiatives Design Series: Decolonizing Teaching and Learning in STEM

As Indigenous perspectives are being more integrated into curricula, STEM has often been thought to be a challenging area to approach for change. In this story, three instructors share how, through their experiences with the Indigenous Initiatives Design Series workshops, they implemented durable change in their courses.

Hybrid learning at UBC’s School of Creative Writing

Hybrid learning at UBC’s School of Creative Writing

Two instructors explain how they worked with a Large TLEF grant to redefine the learning experience for students and positively impacted instructor cohesion in the department.

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H5P: supporting knowledge assessment through interactivity

Dr. Simon Lolliot and Dr. Kayli Johnson explain what H5P does and how it benefits student learning through formative assessments.