TA Training Program

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The Teaching Assistant (TA) Training Program at CTLT partners with faculties to assist with the development of training and resources that are responsive to the unique teaching situations that occur within the various disciplines. The program provides support in three key areas:

  1. Needs Assessment
    Departmentally and Faculty-based TA training programs are developed in response to specific TA and teaching needs identified within the departments. We work with departments to consult faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduates to identify current TA practices in their departments, to assess the impact of those practices, and to determine the skills, abilities, and competencies that should be targeted by TA training. We believe that TA training works best when it is informed by an understanding of the department’s specific teaching and TA environment.
  2. Consultation/Facilitation
    CTLT assists departments at many stages in their TA training program development, from design to program implementation and program evaluation. We can help departments that do not have TA training apply for funding, we can help departments design discipline specific TA Training programs that are grounded in teaching and learning theory and research, and based on the identified needs of their TAs. We can also assist in redesigning training sessions, and provide trained peer facilitators to deliver (or help deliver) TA training.
  3. Capacity Building
    CTLT also helps departments to build capacity for delivery of their own TA training. We have a TA Training Community of Practice as well as mentoring and facilitation training programs to help departments prepare graduate students who will be acting as mentors and/or facilitators. If you are (or will be) a TA training coordinator and are interested in connecting with others who coordinate TA Training, you can join the TA Training Community of Practice to share resources, approaches, and best practices for TA training.
  4. Program evaluation
    CTLT provides capacity building support for conducting program evaluation of TA Training programs. Program evaluation is currently a requirement in the application for TA Training funding. We provide program evaluation resources, consultation around program evaluation development and implementation, and support around developing a program evaluation report.

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source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:CTLT_programs/TA_Training