Technology is a powerful resource that can be used to strengthen existing educational practices and widen access to learning opportunities. CTLT works collaboratively with academic and administrative units throughout UBC with the end goal of improving and enhancing the student learning experience. By deploying a nimble team of technologists, support personnel, and programmers that work closely with other professionals, CTLT is able to support innovative approaches to a wide range of pedagogical initiatives.

Services range from user support for enterprise applications such as Connect and CoursEval (for student evaluations of teaching) to incubating open-source projects (e.g., blogs, wikis), innovative commercial software (e.g., Blackboard Collaborate, Clickers), and University-sponsored applications (e.g., Webwork, iPeer). These strategic services advance UBC’s ability to leverage opportunities to transform educational practices in place-based and virtual classrooms.

For more information on learning technology tools visit the Learning Technology Hub website.