Celebration of Teaching Excellence at UBC – Margot Filipenko

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Dr. Margot Filipenko

Department of Language and Literacy Education
LLED 560: Picturebooks and Literacy Development

Critical Literacy: Text Image Relationship

What do you notice about text and image on this cover page?

Piggybook book cover by Anthony Browne

Why did you choose this slide?

In a simple and humorous way, this book cover illustrates perfectly the interplay between text and image.

What are you aiming to convey with it?

A critical approach toward multimodal texts (picturebooks) is vital for students to actively and critically participate in the wider social power structures reflected and created within a text – in this case, gender inequality and stereotyping explored in Anthony Browne’s wonderful and provocative Piggybook.

How do you think it contributes to student learning?

The students in this class are primarily teachers, teacher-librarians and librarians working with youth and children. This course/slide builds on the notion that in today’s world, children need to navigate images as ‘carriers of meaning’ and that in the best picturebooks, the text and image dance together in the meaning-making process.

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