Teaching & Learning Technologies

Senior Management

Marianne Schroeder

Senior Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies

Marianne works with a talented group of people who collaborate with UBC faculty and instructional support staff to assess technology needs, build or implement tools or infrastructure that enhance student learning and assist in the evaluation of teaching, and provide support to users of these technologies. She also supports institutional research related to student evaluation of teaching and learning technologies.

Stephen Michaud

Senior Manager, Learning Applications Integrations & Analytics

Stephen leads the learning technology team in CTLT and works with students, faculty, and staff to improve teaching and learning through the judicious application of technology. Working with a great team of dedicated professionals, Stephen helps to provide learning technology support, development, and innovation through the integration, development, and support of learning tools, web technologies, and learning analytics. With over thirteen years of EdTech experience, Stephen has stepped through the looking-glass and will endeavour to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Team (listed alphabetically)

Noureddine Elouazizi

Strategist, Teaching and Learning Technologies

Letitia Englund

UX/UI Analyst

Letitia is a UX/UI Analyst specializing in the user-facing side of learning applications. She provides user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) guidance to improve online teaching and learning experiences for instructors and students in a variety of CTLT-supported tools. Letitia also enjoys running, hiking with her duck toller dog, and making stuffed animals from socks.

Jovy Eramela

Support Analyst

Jovy provides faculty and administrative staff with operational support, training, and troubleshooting for Student Evaluation of Teaching tools (such as CoursEval and TeachEval). As a previous Learning Technology Rover, he is no stranger to UBC’s vast suite of learning technologies.

Michael Daxing Fang

Data Analyst (Learning Analytics)

Dennis Foung

Support Analyst II

Dennis supports UBC instructors in piloting various learning analytics tools, e.g. OnTask, Threadz, and Canvas Analytics. He also delivers workshops on learning analytics and handles data requests for instructors.

Kyle Gailling

Support Analyst, Course Operations
On leave for 1 year

Under the direction of Course Operations, Kyle provides technical, instructional, and course maintenance support for fully online and blended courses across different faculties and disciplines. Supporting instructors in the online learning environment on various platforms including Connect, Blogs, Edge, Wordpress  and Canvas, the new learning environment. In addition, he provides learners with technical and exam support throughout the term. As part of the LTHub, Kyle is a resource for the university community.

Andrew Gardener

Programmer Analyst

Andrew develops and maintains various internal and open source CTLT projects such as iPeer and ComPAIR. He likes exploring new technologies and finding interesting ways to integrate into existing tools or create new ones. Andrew enjoys video games, sci-fi, anime, and other nerdy things.

Clarence Ho

Programmer Analyst

John Hsu

Programmer Analyst 1

Edwin Hui

Support Analyst, Course Operations

Under the direction of Course Operations, Edwin provides technical, instructional, and course maintenance support for fully online and blended courses across different faculties and disciplines. Supporting instructors in the online learning environment on various platforms including Connect, Blogs, Edge, Wordpress  and Canvas, the new learning environment. In addition, he provides learners with technical and exam support throughout the term. As part of the LTHub, Edwin is a resource for the university community.

Kalev Hunt

Project & Services Manager

Kalev coordinates various learning technology pilots, manages the Learning Technology Rover program centrally, and oversees a small team of support specialists who provide top-tier LT support as part of the LT Hub. He works closely with colleagues at UBC IT on the LT Hub initiative and to help manage the UBC learning eco-system.

Flo Kam

Support Analyst

Joseph Khalil

Programmer Analyst II, Web Strategy

As part of the Web Strategy team, Joseph develops web-based tools, WordPress plugins and web apps for TLEF and teaching and learning projects. He helps faculty professors with their LT projects, drawing from his years of expertise with online course design, development and delivery.

Justin Lee

Programmer Analyst II
phone: 6048223907

Calvin Leung

Systems Analyst II

David Loti

Support Analyst

Pan Luo

Programmer Analyst

Pan supports CoursEval and WeBWorK and serves as internal IT support at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. He also develops application plug-ins for system integration and web applications. Pan is interested in exploring and utilizing new technologies in learning environments.

Steven Marshall

Programmer Analyst II

Steven develops, implements and tests custom code extending libraries from IMS Global Learning Consortium to connect applications supported by the CTLT DevOps team: iPeer, ComPAIR, Canvas. He is passionate about web applications, automated tests, code documentation, virtual machines, and software development processes.

Scott McMillan

Systems Analyst

Scott currently works on administering, integrating and piloting open source learning technologies within UBC’s learning eco-system. He has a particular focus on standards based learning analytics solutions using xAPI / Caliper, and works on the CTLT Learning Record Store. With over 15 years working with Open Source technology he is pretty sold on the concept.

Henry Ng


Henry manages various learning technology implementations and works with faculty to improve the learning technology ecosystem. He focuses on collaboration and cross-team partnerships in order to deliver successful results. While passionate about improving the learning technology space, he is equally passionate about food. He enjoys teaching and demonstrating simplistic cooking techniques to re-create dishes that resemble restaurant quality flavours.

Novak Rogic

Manager, Web Strategy

Novak Rogic is the Web Strategist, leading the web projects that emphasize content sharing and republishing. He would love to show you how functional your website could be and firmly believes that “less is more”. 

Maki Sumitani

Support Analyst I

Richard Tape

Programmer Analyst II

Richard develops WordPress plugins and themes to help people share and publish content across the University. He is a WordPress core contributor who fully embraces the open-source nature of the platform and believes it can provide a solid foundation for developing new and innovative teaching and learning systems.

Craig Thompson

Programmer Analyst

Paul Vallence

Support Analyst

Alison Wong

Support Analyst

Alison provides support for learning tools such as CoursEval and Turnitin. She works with Faculties to setup and implement the end of term evaluations, and provides training and support for faculty and instructional support staff for other learning tools.

Jenny Wong

Instructional Support Analyst (Science)

Susan Wong

Operations Analyst

Kelvin Xu

Programmer Analyst I

Joe Zerdin

Support Analyst, Emerging Technologies

Joe loves technology. When something new and shiny comes out he immediately evaluates it and starts to consider how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning. Joe primarily works on implementing and supporting iClickers and Blackboard Collaborate, but usually has his hands in various technological pots.

Abdel Azim Zumrawi, PhD

P.Stat, Statistician

Abdel Azim is responsible for the development of statistical methodology and the analysis of teaching and learning data, including LMS generated data and evaluation of teaching. He also works with other researchers and CTLT staff providing statistical support on the design and analysis of studies on teaching and learning. Abdel Azim is an adjunct faculty in the department of forest resources management.