Planning, Administration & Communications

Senior Management

Alicia Harder

Senior Manager, Planning and Operations

Team (listed alphabetically)

Julia Burnham

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Julia assists in the creation of articles and content for the CTLT website, as well as the e-newsletter Dialogues. When she’s not at CTLT, Julia reports on campus governance and affairs for The Ubyssey.

Wendy Chan

Teaching and Learning Content Coordinator

Wendy coordinates and creates content related to teaching and learning events and initiatives at CTLT. She also documents faculty teaching experiences with flexible learning and provides support for workshops, sessions, and institutes at CTLT.

Sukhi Ghuman

Marketing and Events Manager

Sukhi initiates, develops, and manages the coordination and execution of event and marketing plans for workshops, programs and various high-profile events on behalf of CTLT. Sukhi also works directly with the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic to manage university-wide events. In addition, she develops strategic marketing initiatives that support UBC’s professional development, distance education, and flexible learning initiatives. (on leave)

Terri Kennedy

Communications Designer

Terri manages all CTLT design projects, working with clients to clarify subject material, design objectives, and provide recommendations on selection of media. She develops visual concepts, graphics and design templates that support faculty-facing communications projects including presentations, websites, email newsletters, social media platforms and print materials. (on leave)

Gabriel Lascu

Coordinator, Web/Multimedia/Graphics

Gabriel provides expertise in the design and production of educational media content for distance and flexible learning courses. He designs illustrations, banners, logos, corporate imagery, and promotional materials for CTLT and UBC, and complex animated processes for educational multimedia content and web projects. Gabriel performs advanced photography, directing event and corporate photo shoots, takes stock-quality photos for inclusion in the course designed graphics, as well as Google Maps Panoramic Photography. He also provides graphic design /photography support and consulting. Photography is a lifelong passion of Gabriel’s and he often blogs and publishes some of his work.

Julia Levasseur

Senior Events Program Assistant

Julia assists in providing logistical support at all levels for the various workshops, sessions, and institutes at CTLT.

Caroline Luk

Marketing & Events Manager

Caroline is responsible for marketing and event managment of CTLT’s events, including workshops, programs, institutes, conferences and various high-profile events. She also leads the planning and implementation of CTLT’s marketing and social media strategies that support UBC’s professional development, distance education and flexible learning initiatives.

Mischa Makortoff

Senior Events Program Assistant

Mischa assists in providing logistical support at all levels for the various workshops, sessions, and institutes at CTLT. (on leave)

Holly Rail

Administrative Support

Holly provides administrative support to the directorate for CTLT, including calendaring and scheduling meetings, and coordination and support for committee activity involving senior level staff and members of the UBC executive.

Abigail Saxton

Video & digital communications specialist
phone: 6048228857

Abigail works on digital storytelling within the CTLT portfolio. She is an award-winning visual journalist and has worked at news and educational organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Jarrad Wiens

Manager, Administration and Human Resources

Jarrad manages CTLT’s human and physical resources. He supports the development and oversees the implementation of human resource strategies, policies, and procedures. Jarrad is also responsible for operational efficiency, space, and general administration.

Josephine Yung

Financial Assistant

Josephine manages the payroll for all sessional faculty appointments. She also assists with department expenses, budgets, mandates, and administrative initiatives at CTLT.