Online Teaching Program

Welcome to the Online Teaching Program! This program is designed to help you adapt your course for the online environment and prepare you to teach online. The program consists of a course with self-paced modules in Canvas, online workshops with experiential learning opportunities, and one-on-one consultation support with an educational consultant. You may choose to engage with all of these components, or just the ones that meet your needs. However, all components are integrated into the course, creating a pathway if you want the full, structured experience.


This program does not focus on technical skills, but does include links to other resources that provide that information, such as the Canvas 101 course and the LT Hub.


Each element of the Online Teaching Program can be taken individually, or you can build your own pathway through the various elements depending on your individual support needs.


The key elements of the Online Teaching Program are the Canvas modules, one-on-one consultations, and workshops — which include the Transitioning to online teaching intensive workshop and the opportunity to rehearse your online teaching approaches.


All elements of the program can be taken completely on their own, or you can build your own pathway through them based on the support that best suits you. Explore these elements below.



There are several modules that comprise the course component of the Online Teaching Program. These modules contain a range of topics addressing online course design, development and facilitation.

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The CTLT is offering an ongoing program of workshops to support your learning in the Online Teaching Program. Preregistration is required for the online workshops.

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The CTLT at UBCV and CTL at UBCO are offering 1 hour one-on-one consultations to instructors who are interested in a meeting with an educational consultant.

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Take a look through a range of UBC resources, covering supporting students, accessibility, assessments and more.

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