Summative Peer Review of Teaching

At the University of British Columbia, summative peer review is an established practice in the overall evaluation of teaching. Faculty members typically participate in both formative and summative peer reviews of teaching as part of their career progression and growth.

The pages linked below provide details of the support structures and the processes in place for Peer Review of Teaching (PRT) at UBC, both in a formative sense (for which the aim is to foster professional growth) and for summative review (for which the aim is to inform decisions about merit, reappointment, promotion and tenure).

Faculty Representatives and Faculty Documentation

Faculty leads for the SPRT and documentation from various Faculties at UBC-V.

Formative Peer Review of Teaching

Details of the CTLT Formative Peer Review of Teaching program, including detailed process documentation and other resources.

Archived Materials

Principles for PRT (2009 and 2013).