Teaching and Wellbeing Community of Practice

The Teaching and Wellbeing Community of Practice (CoP) was developed in response to faculty members expressing a need for a platform to share knowledge and their experiences on how they can promote student, staff, and faculty wellbeing.


Our vision is for those involved in teaching roles to be both informed and inspired to take action in identifying, developing, and implementing an actively engaged and connected teaching and learning community where students, staff, and faculty thrive.



The mission of the Teaching and Wellbeing CoP is to encourage sharing among the teaching community in order to make sustainable enhancements in their own as well as their students’ wellbeing through their everyday teaching and learning practices and environments. We foster knowledge development and sharing through a variety of activities, such as discussions, workshops, and community service in this unique environment in which respect, communication, commitment, and equity enable us to work in partnership to synthesize insights for the ultimate benefit of the UBC community.



  • Provide a positive and respectful space in which teaching community members feel welcomed and safe to exchange ideas, share authentic experience-based practices, and problem-solve teaching and learning environment-related issues to support student, staff, and faculty wellbeing.
  • Mobilize the teaching community and other stakeholders to contribute their research, experience, and/or perspectives on how they may embed wellbeing into campus teaching and learning environments.
  • Provide actionable insights and recommendations to stakeholders to foster sustainable teaching and learning environments that support student, staff, and faculty wellbeing.


Join the CoP

UBC faculty and staff are welcomed to join the CoP by self-enrolling in the CoP Canvas Course, the online hub for the community.

Once you’ve enrolled, stay tuned to announcements and feel free to join in the discussions.


Interested in joining the CoP Design Team?

We would like to hear from you! The Design Team consists of a core group who are committed to steering the development of the CoP. A description of the role and how you can express your interest is available here (PDF).



For further information, please email wellbeing.learning@ubc.ca.