You may proceed through the modules in the Online Teaching Program sequentially or start with the module(s) that are most relevant to your needs. Each module should take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete, although exploring supplemental materials will add to this time. In each module, we suggest workshops that are designed to complement the module’s content. These offer an important experiential opportunity to explore ideas further and to connect with other participants in the Online Teaching Program. We also offer opportunities for you to connect with an educational consultant regarding any questions you have, or to gather feedback, related to preparing your course.

You can access the entire course or access the individual modules below. The resources for each module are also available on the UBC Wiki.

Introduction to Online Teaching

This module provides an introduction to online teaching and learning. It will also help you identify key areas in your course where you may need to adjust your practice, expectations, or learning activities for the online environment.


Getting Started


This module explores creative student-centred approaches to designing and structuring your online course materials. You will engage in some foundational approaches to creating an inclusive classroom climate and consider effective ways to set classroom expectations in a student-centered syllabus.

Designing Online Assessment

This module addresses how to plan, design and develop assessments in online courses. The module explores providing feedback online, involving students in the assessment process, rubrics, and how to encourage academic integrity in online assessments.



Designing Engaging Learning Activities

Well-designed online courses include activities that encourage learners to interact with the course content, their peers and the instructor. This module presents a variety of ways to encourage student engagement in the online environment while creating equitable and inclusive online spaces.

Online Content to Promote Learning

A key aspect of adapting your course for the online environment is how you develop and share content with the learners. Among other topics, this module explores synchronous and asynchronous approaches to online lectures, open educational resources, and designing for accessibility.


Teaching in the Online Classroom

Success in online teaching is related to how present and engaged the instructor is in the virtual classroom. This module includes practical tips and resources to help you succeed in teaching your course online.



Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

Student success is intricately linked to a student’s sense of belonging and personal growth. This module addresses how you might create an online learning environment that supports students both intellectually and holistically.

The Role of TAs in the Online Classroom

This module explores how your TA’s roles might change as you move your course online. With well-planned roles, TAs can help make an online course much easier for you to teach and more impactful for your students’ learning.

Mid-course Feedback on Teaching

Mid-course feedback involves collecting feedback from students near the middle of a course in order to make adjustments before the term is over. In this module, we explore why and how you might implement mid-course feedback in your online course.