The A-RTL team have developed the following resources for the UBC teaching and learning community. The UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Table and Map were developed by Freda Maideen, Educational Consultant: Anti-Racist Teaching & Learning (2021-22) with broad consultation, input and support.


UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Table

This Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning (A-RTL) Ecosystems Table captures the existing network of anti-racist initiatives, programs, events, resources, and opportunities at UBC. In developing this document, we aim to highlight and elevate the campus community’s work about anti-racism as we stand in solidarity with campus partners who have endeavoured to deepen and advance anti-racism at UBC – this table cannot and does not exist without this community’s contributions.

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UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Map

The UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem map is a visual representation of all the information listed in the UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem table. The table and visual map can be used in tandem, since together, they provide a more fulsome picture of the overall existing anti-racist ecosystem at UBC.

UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Map

Version 2022


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