The A-RTL team have developed the following resources for the UBC teaching and learning community. The UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Map was developed by Freda Maideen, Educational Consultant: Anti-Racist Teaching & Learning (2021-22) with broad consultation, input and support.


UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Map

UBC Anti-Racist Ecosystem Map

Version 2022

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On this map

Campus Resources

Includes units, departments, and communities on campus that house information, resources, events, and programs that pertain to anti-racism, decolonization, and equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Resources and Guides

The resources and guides listed include helpful information, reading, references, and opportunities to learn more about anti-racism, decolonization, and equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Workshops, Courses, and Modules

The learning opportunities highlighted in this section mainly support self-directed anti-racist education.

Strategies, Toolkits, and Self-Assessment

This section includes strategic plans, frameworks, and self-assessment toolkits that can be applied on an individual, unit-wide, and/or institutional level.


This section is lists the different communities that exist on campus who have shared interests of advancing anti-racist work and connections.

Services and Support

This section outlines a number of existing services and advising that can be accessed by staff, faculty, and students who are doing anti-racism work.


This section of the Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning Tables includes a list of different events that are taking place on campus in relation to various anti-racism topics.


Includes funding opportunities for anti-racist initiatives and areas of focus such as community development, EDI, implementation of the Indigenous Strategic Plan, and decolonial initiatives.


We acknowledge the climate of anti-racism is necessarily ever-evolving and thus this document should be considered as a living and breathing resource that will continue to evolve and change in order to reflect the work that informs it. With the number of programs, events, resources, and opportunities that exist within the realm of anti-racism at UBC, this document cannot and does not represent an exhaustive list of anti-racist initiatives at UBC.

In its current state, the A-RTL Ecosystems Table includes some UBC initiatives, programs, events, resources, and opportunities that apply to both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, with more of a focus on the UBC-Vancouver campus. To include more UBC-Okanagan facing resources and initiatives, individuals from the Okanagan campus have been consulted in the development of this A-RTL Ecosystems Table.