Evidence of impact

We have begun to think about how the activities mapped on this framework can be used to develop a narrative of the impact that particular activities have had and the various forms of evidence that support this. We propose six categorical areas of impact, grouped into three dyads spanning the areas of: impact on people, impact on process and impact on product. For each of these 6 categories, there will need to be a specification of the extent of impact, determined by scale (e.g. how many), scope (e.g. extent, reach, locus of action) and specific contribution (individual vs extended team).

  1. Impact on practice

Can include the teaching practice of the individual, their colleagues, their discipline / department as well as wider (e.g. beyond UBC) impact on teaching and learning practice. Includes impact of creation / dissemination of resources / materials / software developed to support teaching and learning practice.

  1. Impact on students

Impact on student learning, achievement of course / program outcomes, student engagement, student well-being and other measures of student success.

  1. Impact on approaches / priorities

Can include the impact on program / departmental / Faculty / institutional priorities or approaches for teaching and learning , as well as creation / revision of guidelines, procedures and policies.

  1. Impact on support capacity, support provision or teaching and learning networks

Can include impact of creation / provision of workshops, seminars, communities of practice, training or mentorship programs, celebrations, awards etc.

  1. Impact on curriculum

Can include impact through creation / renewal of courses, programs, degree pathways and options, accreditation requirements, modality of delivery (online / blended), engagement with community partners.

  1. Impact on scholarly literature / body of work

Can include the impact of publications, presentations, conference proceedings, workshops, invited keynotes, media or news coverage.

Further details as we consult and refine the approach will be disseminated here, including validated exemplars of impact and evidence gathered from different disciplinary contexts.

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