Recommendations for Academic Leaders – Vancouver Campus

These recommendations were informed by participant responses to a question asking them to describe one factor that had helped them manage their teaching-related workload.

Recommendation #1

Offer more TA support and ensure TAs receive adequate training and support

“More TAs. I currently only get one lecture TA for a class of 240 students.”

“The main thing that helps reduce workload is high quality teaching assistants.”

Recommendation #2

Reassess teaching load distribution to reduce high teaching loads

“Having my load reduced to 2 courses per term instead of 3 (or at least in one term, so I can give my students the time and attention they deserve).”

“Fewer courses to teach. As an EL faculty, the amount of work we’re expected to shoulder over and above the mandated teaching load is frankly disrespectful.”

Recommendation #3

Provide more support around Workday, academic concessions, misconduct cases, course coordination, and administration

“Support staff. I spend WAY too much time on clerical matters, like photocopying, editing, filing, that should be done by someone expert in these matters.”

“Help managing all the student accommodations that arise across a term. When teaching 300+ students, the e-mail volume is so overwhelming, it can take hours to just clear my inbox every day.”

Recommendation #4

Explore opportunities to reduce class sizes so more time can be devoted to engaging with students and providing feedback

“Smaller classes. I do not want to decrease the level of engagement that I have with my students (class, office hours, marking, piazza). I do want to bring down my total hours doing these tasks, and # of incoming emails, etc.”

“Smaller class sizes to help alleviate marking pressures.”

Recommendation #5

Develop ways to demonstrate how your unit values and rewards effective teaching

“Being appropriately compensated for the time I spend on teaching. We all want to do a good job and that means putting in crazy hours. I accept this and actually enjoy it to an extent, but it would be nice to be recognized with financial compensation.”

“For the ‘teaching-related workload’ to hold as much weight and importance, if not more, as the research mandated by the institution.”

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