Recommendations for faculty – Vancouver Campus

These recommendations were informed by participant responses to a question asking them to describe one factor that had improved their teaching.

Recommendation #1

Seek professional development opportunities

“Workshops offered by CTLT including ISW and other events allowing me to interact with instructors from other disciplines.”

“Attending pedagogy conferences in my specific field and seeing the imaginative techniques others have used in similar courses.”

Recommendation #2

Incorporate evidence-based practices into your teaching

“Using pre-class quizzes to target my lecture time on the concepts that give the most difficulty.”

“Incorporating staged writing (outline, peer review, final draft) has improved the quality of writing in my classes.”

“Break up of tasks in the classroom, with shorter lecture, mixed events, and more check in on understanding of material.”

Recommendation #3

Seek, review and act upon feedback from students

“Since including questions on student’s well-being in a post-team-based learning survey (5x over the entire term), I am now more aware of the issues, situations, backgrounds of students in my class throughout the term.”

“Telling students at the start of the semester what I have changed in response to their feedback, then soliciting their input on potential future changes throughout the semester.”

Recommendation #4

Collaborate with peers and discuss your teaching practices

“Talking to colleagues, observing their classes and give each other some feedback”

“Having meetings with other instructors to share ideas. SO important for new teachers”

“Discussing teaching innovations with colleagues. There are many brilliant instructors here at UBC and we can all learn from one another!”

Recommendation #5

Integrate learning technology into your courses and seek support as needed

“Technology has enabled flexibility in delivery and grading aiding in student well-being (i.e. quizzes can be delivered on a flexible schedule, marking can be performed in a timely manner, TA time can be assigned towards contact hours as opposed to grading…)”

“Being able to use various forms of technology, zoom, canvas, interactive videos etc. significantly improved the experience/practice I provide students.”

The Centre for Teaching, learning and Technology (CTLT) offers a variety of programs and services that support members of the UBC teaching community at all stages of their careers.

For assistance with any of these recommendations or for more information on how you might improve student learning or the student experience in your classes, please contact CTLT Info.