The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology continues to develop resources in order to support members of the UBC community with their teaching goals. Here you will find some guidelines, recommendations, and tips on different areas of your teaching.

New Faculty

There is a section on New Faculty where you can read about some of the issues everyone in your department might have to consider. From tips on how to achieve your potential as a new faculty member, to questions Department Heads may want to ask, these resources aim to support your success in the academic environment.

Teaching Assistants

We encourage all Teaching Assistants to explore the Instructional Resource Guide for Teaching Assistants. It contains practical strategies and information on a variety of topics, such as instructional techniques and how to manage stress, TA’s of all levels will find helpful. We’ve also provided links to other TA guidebooks and resources developed at other universities.


Developing your own teaching and course portfolios is becoming an essential part of anyone’s academic career. It can help you track your growth and development in your teaching and research. The Portfolio section guides you on the different issues you will have to consider when creating your own portfolio.

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation and feedback are very important components in the continuous improvement of teaching practices. In the Evaluation Tools section, you can find information on the principles and questions related to the the evaluation of teaching.

Professional Development Opportunities

Besides the programs that CTLT facilitates, there are numerous professional development opportunities available to you within UBC and beyond. There are workshops on specific topics such as diversity and intercultural communications as well as diplomas and certificates on teaching at different levels.

Online Teaching

Explore issues in online course design and delivery, with guidance and suggestions for designing and teaching courses online.


Read what some UBC teaching award winners thought about teaching.

Teaching and Learning Journals

Scholarship is an important component of your academic career as well as your teaching experience. CTLT subscribes to various publications allowing you to gain access to articles on the latest news and research on teaching and learning. We also provided you with a list of newsletters from different teaching and learning centres across Canada.

Learning Centres

Besides CTLT, faculties across the university and beyond have their own teaching and learning centres which aims to support the academic environment.

Learner-centered syllabus toolkit

Curious about moving from a traditional syllabus to a learner-centered one? Review our info and advice in this toolkit.