Here is a listing of some of the publications that the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology produces. To view the documents, click on the view in full screen button. Please use the arrow controls on the side or top menu to browse, change your view, or print the publication. Please note that the print function only works for the current page(s) you are viewing. If you would like to print the whole document, please view the pdfs.

Faculty Certificate on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

This innovative mixed-mode (face-to-face/online) Certificate program has been designed to adapt to the curricula and pedagogical needs of university teachers from multidisciplinary settings. The Certificate program integrates theory with practice and is developed around a cohort model. The primary goal of this program is to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning in multi-national and disciplinary settings.

For more information about the program, please visit the International Faculty SoTL Leadership Program website (Faculty of Education).

Guide to Teaching for New Faculty at UBC

The guide is a resource for new faculty who want to learn more about the kinds of support they can expect and the services offered at UBC. It provides a readers an overview of the local context of their departments as well as the university environment.

You can also read this guide through the UBC Wiki or download the PDF. For more information, please visit the Faculty Programs section.

Road to Global Citizenship: An Educator’s Toolbook

Road to Global Citizenship: An Educator’s Toolbook serves as a comprehensive resource for educators to critically explore different facets of global citizenship, with a particular focus on higher education. The toolbook explores a wide range of topics specific to curriculum, instruction, and assessment, affording the reader the opportunity to develop a heuristic for how global citizenship can be applied inside and outside the classroom.

Learn more about the Global Citizenship Toolbook at Find out more information about its community of practice, or download the PDF.

University Teaching and Learning: An Instructional Resource Guide for Teaching Assistants

This Resource Guide is intended to assist you with your teaching responsibilities. The third edition includes new material on the most recent developments in teaching with technology at UBC as well as entirely revised sections on teaching strategies, the creation of teaching dossiers, and several other topics. We encourage you to use it
as a resource, consulting sections as you find them useful.

For more information, visit the Teaching Assistant Resources and the Graduate & TA Programs sections. Download the PDF.


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