Recommendations for faculty – Okanagan Campus

These recommendations were informed by participant responses to a question asking them to describe one factor that had improved their teaching.

Recommendation #1

Seek professional development opportunities

“CTL’s TDP [Teaching Development Program] and particularly the ISW [Instructional Skills Workshop] were impactful. Workshops and networking with colleagues are another way I improve my teaching.”

“A discord group set up by a lecturer in my department that has connected me to science profs outside my department. I’ve been able to bounce ideas off them and develop assessments that don’t add to my workload but provide a range of opportunities for students.”

Recommendation #2

Seek, review and act upon feedback from students

“Having the students do an optional muddiest point exercise (muddiest point and most interesting point) has allowed me to gauge class interest in different topics and address frustrations in a more timely manner.”

“Answering student questions in my office and keeping good stats on the exam questions performance helps a great deal in identifying concepts that I am not getting through to the students on and what in need to improve for the second half of the semester or what needs better emphasis the next year.”

Recommendation #3

Collaborate with peers and discuss your teaching practices

“Being in community with others who are similarly motivated to improve teaching and learning.”

“Discussion of problems, techniques, issues, etc., etc. during the course of my teaching over the years with colleagues in a relaxed setting over lunch or coffee.”

Recommendation #4

Incorporate evidence-based practices into your teaching

“Employment of active-learning techniques that encourage/require students to meaningfully engage with the course materials in a peer-led environment.”

“Use of ‘scratch cards’ for in class group assessments. Students across 1st to 4th year have enjoyed using them.”

Recommendation #5


“Just getting in the classroom and trying things!”

“…years of experience/practice and conducting a reflection on what went well and not so well after each semester.”

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers a variety of programs and services that support members of the UBC teaching community at all stages of their careers.

For assistance with any of these recommendations or for more information on you might improve student learning or the student experience in your classes, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.