Recommendations for Academic Leaders – Okanagan Campus

These recommendations were informed by participant responses to a question asking them to describe one factor that had helped them manage their teaching-related workload.

Recommendation #1

Offer more TA support and ensure TAs receive adequate training and support

“More support for training/managing TAs. Recognition that 200+ student courses with labs and 6 TAs to manage are not the same investment as a ~20-40 person seminar course.”

“Access to TA’s with higher skill levels, previous experience in Canadian university teaching, and professionalism.”

Recommendation #2

Identify course scheduling issues and explore ways to address them

“Course scheduling at UBC-O is a major problem, where departments have no control over our teaching schedules. I teach at incredibly inopportune times and have no mechanisms for changing my schedule even though it is impacting my well-being as an employee. It is that much more difficult to manage a heavy workload, including teaching-related tasks, if one is consistently tired because of the terrible teaching timeslots that have randomly been assigned by a computer.”

“Being assigned courses that meet on corresponding days to reduce the hours coming and going to campus.”

Recommendation #3

Reassess teaching load distribution to reduce high teaching loads

“Not having to teach seven courses a year.”

“A lower per term course requirement.”

Recommendation #4

Reassess expectations regarding service workload

“Reduced service overload, obviously.”

“It is not necessarily the teaching related workload – it is the other workloads that put time pressure on the teaching part.”

“Decreased service requirements/expectations during busy teaching times.”

Recommendation #5

Provide more support around Workday, academic concessions, misconduct cases, course coordination, and administration

“Someone to triage admin-related work. Actually, it would be great if we were the teachers and not the [admin].”

“Less administrative duties.”

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers a variety of programs and services that support members of the UBC teaching community at all stages of their careers.

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